EQ Timings Privacy Statement
This privacy statement tells how EQ Timing collects and uses your personal information.

EQ Timing, by the CEO, is the treatment manager for the business processing of personal data. The daily responsibilities may be delegated for various business areas. The delegation includes only the tasks and not the responsibility. This statement contains information you are entitled to when collecting information from our websites (Personal Data Act section 19) and general information about how we process personal information (the Personal Data Act § 18 1. Link).

Personal information processing on EQ timings platform
Product Manager for enrollment has the daily responsibility for the processing of personal data on the EQ timing enrollment platform.

EQ Timings Registration platform is utilized by EQ Timing and EQ timing customers (organizers and teams) to collect subscriptions to events and to process the athletes records and to process billing and payments.
Information collected during the registration process:

  • First name and last name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Club/Team/Company
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
If the sign-up/pay/invoice recipient is a different than the participant the information obtained are similar, except the date of birth and gender also in the invoice recipient.

Birth date and gender are required in order to be placed in the correct competition class. The combination of birth date and name is also used in order to link the sign-up to your athlete`s profile in order for you to find your results together in one place.
Email address and phone number are required for the EQ Timing or organizer to be able to contact you with important information about the event, such as cancellations or changes in schedules.

Postal address is required to send a reminder or a follow-up for the invoices that are not paid for the due time. Some events also need a mailing address in order to send the athlete`s package (for example, starting number) in advance.

Some organizers collect information beyond this in order to offer you the best possible service. Examples may include:
  • T-Shirt Size If the event has subsectioned chars
  • Vehicle registration number If the accreditation of a car is included (e.g. service vehicles in bicycle rides)
  • Information about allergies if meals are included in the event
Some organizers have photo and/or video services. The registration form should then give you the option of choosing whether or not to search for your photo.

When this type of information is collected, the purpose is dismissed by the terms of the event, which you consent to upon registration. In EQ Timing their agreements with the organizers oblige the organizer to use the information collected only for the purposes specified. The Promoter undertakes that agreements with vendors they make use of have the same limitation.

Examples of the organizer's suppliers needing access to data in order to provide the necessary services are:
  • Tidtakings and profit and loss service provider
  • Provider of Tidtakingsgrafikk for TV and web Productions
  • Supplier of print/engraving services for prizes/medals/diplomas
  • Photo/video Service provider
  • GPS/livetracking Services Provider
  • Event App provider offering results
Machine-to-machine interfaces providing collaborators access to data restrict access to the data provider needs to deliver the service.
Personal information processing on EQ timing, Timing and Results platform
The development manager has the daily responsibility for handling personal information on EQ timing tidtakings and results platforms.

EQ Timings Tidtakings and profit platform utilizes data obtained from EQ timings registration platform to perform timekeeping and produce leaderboards for sports events.

EQ Timings Tidtakings and results platforms also receive third-party sign-on system information.

The data stored is used for two purposes:
  • In order for the organizer to provide you with the best possible service before, during and after the event
  • For a result lists from the event should be available for as many as possible
As a performer, you are entitled to become anonymous in our published participant and leaderboard. In some cases, however, the result will have a public interest weighing heavier, so the result cannot anonymized. Examples are if you participate in the elite class in events, participate in national or international championships, or that your results qualify for points in national or international rankings.

This is something you can actively decide by choosing to refrain from participation in such events.

Even if you participate in an event as anonymous and your name is not published in public and leaderboards, the organizer will need access to that information in order to provide the right service to you, such as
  • Make sure you are dealt the correct starting number and the Tidtakingsbrikke
  • Send you the necessary information prior to the event
As a participant in the sports event, you accept that the organizer wants to have published its results as widest possible. The Data needed to present results can therefore be shared with third parties.
When sharing result data, only the data needed to present result lists is shared:
  • Name
  • Year of birth
  • Gender
  • Which club/team/city you represent
  • Score (times, position, points achieved)
If you have chosen to participate as anonymous your result will be delivered anonymous to third parties. That means your name and club/team/city will be anonymous. Address, contact information (phone/email) is not shared with third parties for this purpose.

Examples of third parties that may receive results are:
  • Newspapers (paper and web)
  • Suppliers of Tidtakingsgrafikk to TV and web Productions
  • National and international sports federations (e.g. FIS, UCI, NSF, NCF)
  • Ranking Services
  • Organizers who will use the results of Seedingsformål
  • Events/Resultatapper
When delivering results to seedingformål and ranking purposes, the relevant ID will be included in the data exchange with third parties. For example,
  • If you participate in a seedingsløp for a Birkebeiner event, the Birkebeiner organizer will receive results along with your Birk ID
  • If you are participating in a FIS race, the FIS will receive results along with your FIS
  • If you participate in a UCI bike race, UCI will receive results along with your UCI code
Note that if you choose to anonymize your result, your results will not be able to provide you with the correct seeding in any event you participate.
Managing personal information on EQ timings online store
In EQ timings online shop You can order your time-and-personal tidtakingsbrikke. When conducting a trade in our online store we collect the necessary information to ensure the correct delivery of the item, follow-up of payment and follow-up of warranty and to provide you with important information about the product you have purchased (for example, information about Required software upgrades, time for battery changes and the like).

To process orders and deliver products and collect and store the following information:
  • Name
  • Any company name and organization number
  • Delivery address (for delivery of the item)
  • Mailing address (for delivery of invoice)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • What products you have ordered

When you order some personal products (Tidtakingsbrikke), we also collect the birth date and first name/Last name of the user of the product (if the person other than the requester). This information is used to update EQ timings and sports systems with the appropriate chip-ID.

Information collected through the webshop is shared with third parties only to provide you with the best possible delivery service. Third parties receive only the information necessary to carry out required services related to the delivery-for example, marking up shipping with the receiving address and notification that the shipment is ready for pickup.

Information collected is not shared with third parties for purposes other than the foregoing.

Who has access to data stored about you?
Per D.D. are the addresses and contact information available for EQ Timing's customer service to be able to provide you with service, as well as for organizers with a EQ timing organizer access.

As part of our work with the facilitation of new privacy laws, access to this information is now closed to other users than those in EQ Timing who need it to provide you service. This means that organisers will not be able to access address and contact information without a specific agreement.

Organizers will still be able to send you information via email and SMS from our management systems but not see your address and contact information.

This article will be updated when this work is complete.

How to find out what EQ Timing saved about you?
Information on what EQ timing has saved about you will you find on your EQ timing practitioner profile. It provides you with the personal data stored, as well as information about all current sign-up and results we have saved associated with your profile.

It may occur that people have multiple profiles at EQ Timing. This can occur if you sign up for the event without using your EQ Timing profile, with different spelling in name or with incorrect date of birth. On the practitioner profile you will only see data that is associated with the verified profile. Therefore, you should always sign in with the same profile when signing up for an event to ensure that your data is collected on this one.

You can request anonymisering of your data from start lists or leaderboards for individual events, or as a general setting for future events. These settings allow you to control through your EQ Timing user profile.

For anonymisering In previous results you can contact the EQ Timing customer service.

There are exceptions where the desire for anonymisering in leaderboards cannot be followed. For example, this is true if you participated in national or international championships where the results are of considerable general interest, or if you have such a good result in an event, regardless of level, that the general public

For Some events there may be printed official leaderboards such as organizer, federations, press or others have published. It will not be possible to anonymized in such results lists after they are first published. Therefore, it is important that you make your choice on anonymisering as you sign up for an event.

If you do not want such publication of your result, in the cases described above, you can avoid it by refraining from participating in the event.

A process with anonymisering of data should take a maximum of 30 days. If data cannot be anonymized you will be within 30 days receive feedback with justification. You should receive confirmation when data is anonymous.

You may request that data be deleted from our records. However, please note that some data cannot be deleted-and that one must anonymize instead. If you have a result in an event and you want to be deleted, your placement in the result list will be maintained – but you will be replaced with an anonymous practitioner.

You cannot request the deletion of data necessary for the follow up of any financial balances between you and your EQ timing or between you and a party that EQ timing represents (organizer). In this case, you must first settle balances before you can request deletion.

Deleting data takes place by contacting EQ Timing customer service.

A process of deletion should take a maximum of 30 days. If data cannot be deleted, within 30 days receive feedback on what data can not be deleted and justification. You should receive confirmation when data has been deleted.