Start Numbers

EQ Timing is the leading manufacturer of start number, delivering more than one million starting numbers each year.
We have starting numbers for all purposes. All our starting numbers are delivered in full color printing with the design customized for your event.
  • Simple race number with safety pins
  • Start numbers in extra solid material for orienteering and cross-country running
  • Photo finish numbers
  • Start number for Road Cycling, handle plates numbers, helmet numbers, back numbers
  • Cycling start numbers in plastic for MTB
  • Bike start number to attach to the seat post
  • Single or double start numbers for cross-country ski with laces
  • Start number vests

Do you have special needs - please contact us!

Safety pins
Our safety pins are delivered together in a set of 4. This makes distribution and packaging in envelopes more effective!

Single use Tags
Most of our starting numbers can be delivered with single use Tags mounted. Then you are guaranteed that the correct Tag is on each start number. Single use start number is the recommended solution for all major events.

Start number with printed personal information
Most of our start numbers can be supplied with a small amount of extra information like personal information (name, start times, etc.) printed.
The Name on the start number makes even more fun to be a participant. The audience will then be able to see the name of the runner and hay in an even more personal way. The name on the start on number also reduces the risk of error at the moment of the start number distribution.

Start number packed in envelopes
Start number distribution can be done even more efficiently when the start numbers are packed in envelopes with number and / or name printed on the outside and with safety pins and additional information wrapped in the envelope. EQ Timing can deliver the start numbers, already packed, sorted in well-marked boxes, ready for distribution. It can not be easier!