E-Reach out to your athletes

Using EQ Admin you can directly and easily forward e-mails and SMS to all the participants providing relevant info based on your desires and event needs.

At the registration`s closure it is possible to send an SMS or e - mail to the participants with updated info about the registration, opening or already open, for your event next edition.
The message can furthermore include a direct link redirecting the participant to the new registration form, pre - compiled thanks to the use of our Athlete`s profile, making possible to quickly finalize the new registration for the next edition. Easier and quicker!

After the Bibs assignement, it will be possible to send SMS and Emails to all the participants before the Bibs hand - out. This will improve the Bibs distribution making it more efficient, less time consuming and safer considering miss handling. Moreover the message can include extra info for the athletes improving the communication flow with the participants and definetly reducing the number of questions in the last stressful days before the raceday.

During and after the race, participants and public will be able to receive results reports by SMS and email trough a direct link to the Official result page.
A more efficient and helpful way to provide info improving the athlete experience and reducing time and cost consuming operations for the Organization.