BibTag Timing

EQ Timing has delivered timing with RFID technology since 2010 (previously as Quick Timing). We are today the leading supplier of timing equipment and services based on this technology in the Nordic region.

ChronoTrack is our supplier of RFID-based timing technology. On its reference list, the supplier has giant events like the New York Marathon. Nearly 80% of all major US races use technology from ChronoTrack.

EQ Timing is an exclusive partner with ChronoTrack in the Nordic region. The chip can be mounted in several different ways, most often integrated into the start number. This technology is suitable for both large and small events such as cross country skiing, cycling and racing. For major events, this technology is unbeatable!

Why single use Tags?
Easy assignement of the start number
No collection of Tags at the Finish line
The chip is thin and easy, for the benefit of the participant
Low cost
Comes directly mounted to a start number
Correct start number = correct Tag

ChronoTrack's BibTag is specially designed for timing and does not need extra "foam or protection" on the outside, as single use Tags from other providers to ensure them of a correct detection.
A small detail like this is very beneficial for large events. 4 millimeter foam on 10,000 start numbers means 40 additional meters of shelves to store start numbers for the distribution ...