Live results

EQ Timing is providing state of the art live results for any device - smartphones, tablets or PC. Results are instantly updated in your favourite view.

If you are following the race near one of our splitpoints, the livescroll is the perfect way to see who is passing you at the moment so you can cheere them.
Or follow the live tracking to see where your friends are on course, and when you can expect them to your location on the course.

Before the race, you can of course search the startlist to see who will participate the race, and already now build your own hotlist, so you can filter the information to what is really important for you.

Depending on race you can event find photos, videos and download diploma from the live results. All available in your local language.

As event organizer, you can choose to have the live results customized to fit the event website and have sponsor logos presented to provide extra value for your sponsors and partners.