emiTag Precision timing

emiTag is the main actor for "Active Chip" timing services for Cross - Country ski, Ski and Orienteering. The technology, produced in Norway, is developed by Emit, one of the major shareholders of EQ Timing.

Emit`s technology is based on over 30 years of experience in the technology sport industry.
emiTag active chip is able to provide high precision timing up to 1/100 of second.

An integrated clock inside the Active Chip works as extra backup system in case of need.
The components are sturdy and reliable for extreme working environment as for example obstacles races involving usage in muddy and wet courses, Orieentering competitions, Cross - country ski, Cross - country running, Skating, Cycling Road Tours and MTB.

Why choose emiTag?
  • The chip is reusable
  • Flexible usage: can be used for several kind of different sports
  • It is quite often for Pro Athletes owned as personal Timing ID
  • Extended battery life up to 5 years