Through our partnership with RaceOne, the athlete and specatator experience reach new levels. By combining GPS tracking with athletes smartphone with our official timing points, the spectators can follow their friends excact position on the course, or the estimated position based on official timing data.

The organizers can provide even more value to their sponsors and partners by adding custom themes, graphics and event information to the app. The idea of RaceOne is that athletes and specators will find everytning they need for the event in one single app. Reducing the need of investing in app development for every event.

By adding cameras at the official timing location, the experience can be taken even further. Share the photos or viedeos with your friends on Facebook or other social medias. Soon it will even be possible to share this videos on a video wall. Another great opportunity to add value for your sponsors and partners.

RaceOne is even integrated withg the EQ Timing online registration, movig registration for your next race to a 3 click experience. You are already logged into the app - so your personal information can be pre-filled in the entry form. Just choose your race, confirm the form and payment - and you ar registered for your next race.